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Download a complete 'Cowtalogue' of both Live and Internet Auction Cow information!

CowParade Auckland 2003 Live Auction
The live auction was held last week at the PricewaterhouseCoopers building and a great night was enjoyed by all with over $140,000 being raised for Youthtown. The highest bid - $12,700 - was for "Cowtearoa", a 2m-long white cow followed by Dick FrizzellŐs "Pa Kow" which brought in $12,000 for the Youthtown charity. As expected, cows representing kiwi icons proved popular with the approximately 250 bidders who turned out at the event. "Buzzy Beef", a bovine version of the classic kiwi childrenŐs toy, and "Colin McCowan" went for $8000 and $9500 respectively. Thankyou to everyone who contributed to the success of this event!

CowParade Auckland 2003 Internet Auction
The Internet Auction is not over yet! There are two online herds down but don't forget that 3 of the cows are still being auctioned on-line. Place bids for cows on, you'll need to register as a member first. Bidding is easy! Find the cow you are interested in and enter the amount you wish to bid. If you are outbid you will be notified by email and you can place place another bid! Download a complete 'Cowtalogue' of both Live and Internet Auction Cow information!

Herd 1 closed 26 June 2003
Herd 2 closed 27 June 2003
Herd 3 closes 28 June 2003

Proceeds at the conclusion of the exhibition and auctions benefit the charity Youthtown.

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