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Title: Cash Cow
Location: Queen Street
Artist: Jennifer Goldsack
Sponsor: ASB

Cash Cow is made from the attractive New Zealand currency photocopied and displaying both sides slightly larger or smaller than the actual money.  The notes feature famous New Zealanders and New Zealand birds. The artist decorated the tail with the back of the $5.00 note that shows the yellow-eyed penguin.  She also made various fans of the notes including one of Sir Edmund Hilary and another displaying the pretty yellow head on the back of the $100 note.  If you look closely there are a few humorous touches; heads swapped from note to note and appearing as eyes.  The artist decided to use smaller notes on the head for effect.  The horns, hooves and udder are gold to depict the glow of wealth.  Does the farmer see his cow in this light - the pot of gold?

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