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Title: Cowncil
Artist: Andrew Trevelyan
Sponsor: Auckland City

Auckland City's cow "Cowncil" looks at Auckland's past and present. The past/present design is based on how Maori see the future by firstly looking forward from the past. A series of trees are painted on the cow's nose, as this is what Auckland would have looked like many centuries ago. An early scene of Judges Bay - Taurarua is painted on the cow's head, showing Attorney General Swainson's house, Maori fishermen and an early Maori pa site. Cotton wool has been used to illustrate clouds , with the main one on the cow's head representing Aotearoa. Other pictures portray significant features of the Auckland landscape.

The cow's back half is based on Auckland City's liveable communities strategy and provides a futuristic look at where Auckland is heading. It shows roads, open space and buildings, designed to relate meaningfully to one another. The roads provide opportunities for various ways to get around the city, such as cycling, walking, public transport and cars. These are surrounded by "moon houses " built on stilts, a futuristic type of building where apartments, cafes and offices could be housed within the one structure.

This cow was sold in the Internet Auction beginning on June 19, 2003.
Herd 1 closed 26 June 2003
Herd 2 closed 27 June 2003
Herd 3 closed 28 June 2003

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